Boeing 737 MIP Annunciator Set

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FlightSimulatorParts Boeing 737 MIP Annunciator Set

The small Annunciators are 25.5×9.5mm and fit to our LED boxes, The square ones are 18x18mm, These however do not fit to our LED boxes but come with a clean backing that has an LED cut out.

Boeing 737 MIP annunciator set, made from a high quality clear plastic that has a black coating on top, laser engraved to high standards leaving the test in clear so that they can be used with LED boxes and light up like the real annunciators.

If you are wondering why you can see blue through some of the text that is because the protective film is still on the back of them, This is how they will be sent to you to reduce damage, Before fitting just peel the film off.

No LED boxes will be supplied, we sell these separately on our site!

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