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FlightSimulatorParts Boeing 5mm 737 Complete Starter Park

This includes a replica Boeing 5mm 737 MIP,5mm Boeing 737 Overhead and 5mm  Boeing 737 AFT Panel Set.

All panels are backlight ready

Please note, We make these parts to order. dispatch time between 7-10 days.

Flight simulator parts complete replica Boeing 737 5mm MIP. This complete MIP is both captain and 1st officer sides. The framework is made up in 5 sections, These sections are CNC cut from heavy duty PVC plastic. This is anti-shatter so if you needed to drill holes it won’t snap and shatter. Very strong. Total size 1500x350mm.

FlightSimulatorParts Boeing 737 5mm overhead comes with all the panels, annunciators, black LED boxes to create a full Boeing 737 replica overhead. Will not fit on real DZUS frame, Framework will need to be made from either wood or metal.

FlightSimulatorParts Boeing 737 AFT Overhead. 3mm plastic 3 piece frame, 3mm backing panels and 5mm panels. Box framework not included and will need to be made.

Flightsimulatorparts panels are painted in RAL 7011. All our panels are cut using a laser cutting machine for perfect cuts. Our panels are then sanded to ensure a perfect keyed surface for paint. Our panels are then professionally painted in a spray booth in RAL 7011 left to cure and then laser engraved to ensure the best quality of text possible.

Please note, this will not be assembled.

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